About The Study

Highlands Lynchburg Community Plan

Harris County Precinct Two is focused on partnering with the community members to collectively enhance the communities we serve to ensure that each project meets the surrounding neighborhoods’ goals and needs.

Precinct Two is excited to launch their newest community study focusing on the Highlands and Lynchburg areas. The Community Plan will be a forward-looking vision that will result in practical and implementable projects. The plan will consider best practices of what makes a complete community. This site will house all related information on the community plan and be a resource for getting involved, staying connected, and communicating your needs.

The Precinct has assembled a Design Team in their respective fields to assist in the evaluation of these sectors:

Every resident of Harris County deserves access to greenspaces, community amenities, and cultural assets. We are excited to begin this journey with the community to ensure the vision can be implemented, fostering vibrant, sustainable, independent communities.

Economic Development
Projects that enhance opportunities for business, jobs and economic prosperity for the community and its residents.
Parks and Open Space
Parks and creative solutions that offer greenspaces, walking and bike trails, fishing and other spaces residents can enjoy the outdoors.
Providing technology resources that make the Internet and mobile communication faster, safer and more affordable to schools, residents and businesses.
Cultural Assets and Art
Projects that celebrate and display the creativity and works of local artists and share the cultural richness and history of the community.
Mobility & Transportation
Projects that improve options for reliable, low-emission transportation to school, work and play for local residents and for people with disabilities.
Environmental Quality
Raising awareness and advocating for support of projects that address environmental conditions and impact health outcomes for residents in the community.
Utility Infrastructure
In accordance with guidance from state, local and federal utility agencies.